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KISS Steals the Show and Sales for Holiday 2022 at Sally

November 2022

kiss-sally sale.jpg

BEAST steals the show at its first Great Clips convention

October 2022

beast img_5923.jpg

Miamica's top-rated pill case expands styles in all Urban Outfitters stores

September 2022

miamica bin.jpg

TheraBreath debuts in 900 Ulta stores nationwide

July 2022

therabreath debuts.jpg

KISS Lashes Launch in 2,960 Sally Stores throughout the U.S. and Canada

June 2022


Great Clips launches BEAST products nationwide

May 2022

great clipsbeast gc ammouncement copy.jpg

Daily Concepts' New Leaves Of Life line debuts at Ulta

April 2022

img_5471 (1).jpg

Daily Concepts expands store presence at Urban Outfitters for Spring

February 2022


Andmetics debuts at Urban Outfitters

January 2022

andmetics image.jpg

Fur featured in the annual George & Viv advent calendar, exclusively at Anthropologie

November 2021

fur george - viv 2.jpg

PYM launches in all Anthropologie stores

September 2021

pym in anthro.jpg

Miamica in store at Urban Outfitters

July 2021


Fur launches at SkinStore and LookFantastic, divisions of The Hut Group

May 2021

fur launch may.jpg

b Tan and b Fresh launch at Altar'd State

April 2021


Fur expands into all ULTA doors

March 2021

fur announcement.jpg

FGBG launches on

February 2021

fgbg image.jpg

Daily Concepts on the shelf at Urban Outfitters

January 2021

daily concepts on shelf at uo.jpg

Lisa Frank + Invisibobble debuts at Urban Outfitters

November 2022

invisibobble image.png

KISS Halloween Lash collection launches in all Sally stores

October 2022

kiss h image.jpg

Daily Concepts expands select items to all 1,320 ULTA locations

August 2022


Boucléme Featured in Beauty Independent, Launching in Bluemercury Stores

July 2022

boucléme image-1.jpg

KISS Launches at Sally Beauty (dotcom live - in stores May 20)

May 2022

kiss in sally.jpg

HAIRtamin featured on the cover of ULTA May flier

May 2022

hairtamin cover.jpg

Fur featured among Credo's Bestsellers for Valentine's Day

February 2022

fur v-day image.jpg

Miamica expands store presence at Urban Outfitters for Spring

February 2022


Almar's Embrace Your Face Masks in Urban Outfitters for Holiday

December 2021


HAIRtamin expands into the Wellness Shop at ULTA

October 2021

hairtamin at ulta wellness shop.jpg

Beast in store at Urban Outfitters

August 2021

beast in store 2 copy.jpg

Beast launches at Urban Outfitters

June 2021

beast launch-urban outfitters.jpg

Beast launches at Ulta

May 2021


No Nothing launches at

March 2021

nonothing launch.jpg

BEAST launches at

February 2021

beast-target image.jpg

HAIRtamin launches in all Ulta doors

February 2021

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